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Default Re: Tales of the Dark Water

Update from the weekend...

My dark water is unusually low since we have been on a 3 week drought with the air temps continuing to climb at a very unusual pace for May. The river is the lowest I've ever seen it and some old timers say its the lowest its been in 10+ years. Not many good things come in the pike world when the water temp is about that of a bath tub. So we ventured onto a different stretch further down where we knew the water got a little higher. When the river is pushing hard, this particular area is over 15 feet deep. The water was much cooler then our regular stretch but the bottom was also different and this made it not so much of a "pikey" area. We fished hard for two days, but with the weather in the 90s by midmorning we decided not to push the limits too hard. We know, pike are kinda sissys when it comes to putting up a big fight in warmer water with lower oxygen levels. We turned a handful of fish and saw quite a bit of action from other species but nothing worth bragging about. We've decided to hang up the pike rods and see what we can do in the world of 6 wts from here until fall. If the water temps drop you might see some action in the Muskie Mix thread, but for now it'll be slow.

Keep checking this thread if you want to see some smallmouth or carp.

Thanks for the compliment Ard. I'm always down to help a fellow angler who is pursuing a fish. The biggest thing I have learned is that its all about putting your time in. I've logged over 90 hours on the water in the past few weeks and I've had a hell of spring thanks to it. But I've also had a lot of ten hour days with only one or two good fish to show for it. When fishing for the big ones you have slower days, but when you get a fish its quality. I'm not exactly full of great knowledge or anything special, I just fish a lot.

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