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Default Re: mo trout fishing

I second what the others have said...the parks have their place, but the streams are a lot more of a quality experience.

Streamers...lots of different retrieves will work, you just never know which will work on a given day. I usually start out with short, quick strips, moving the fly about six inches with each strip. If that isn't working, I'll switch up to long, slow strips, moving the fly as far as possible with each strip. I'll try dead drifting, long fast strips, swinging, letting it sink to the bottom and then lifting it sharply...mainly I try to picture how minnows or crayfish move and make the streamer move the same way.

One other thing, though. On rivers like the Current which are usually very clear, streamer fishing is mainly a low light deal. Early morning, late evening, or dark, cloudy days, unless the river gets a rise and gets somewhat murky.
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