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Originally Posted by mike63 View Post
Hi, I'm from SD, grew up in RC but live in Colorado now. My parents live in Boulder Canyon. I love fishing the Black Hills, best kept secret in the West. I go home a few times a year and fish. I was just there last month and fished Spring Creek and Spearfish Canyon. I even caught a half dozen small trout in Whitewood Creek right in Deadwood. Where else can you catch fish and play cards in the No. 10 Saloon all in the same hour, with fish smell on your hands?

I even bought a set of gear tailored to the small creeks and streams of home...a Scott A4 8ft4wt and a Lamson Litespeed reel, my secret BH outfit. I still bring a 9ft5wt for Pactola Basin and Rapid Creek. If I lived there I would fish every weekend.
You got some great fishing there in Colorado as well.
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