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Default Re: San Gabriel River West Fork

Hi Flyafishianado,

I'm not sure if I'm interpreting the regulations correctly, so let me know what you think. It's the lack of mention of the section of the West Fork immediately above and below Highway 39 that led me to my belief. Since that part of the river is not mentioned, my interpretation was that general trout season rules apply. However, I just re-read Article 2 General District Regulations, and under Southern District is the following:

(3) All streams except anadromous waters in Los
Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Orange, San
Bernardino and Riverside Counties, and except those
listed by name in the Special Regulations.

I think I must have previously missed the North District header, and thought those rules (including a Nov. 15 end of season) applied everywhere. My error.

So now I think you're right. That part of the West Fork is not specifically restricted, so by Southern District General Regulations, it's open year round with a catch limit of 5.

I'd be pleased to know if this is correct. There are a couple of spots before you reach that catch and release section that I enjoy, and I'd resigned myself to hiking past them.
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