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Default Re: Reel for Loomis Streamdance GLX 5WT

I read once that you're supposed to spend roughly 1/2 the rod cost on your reel. For a streamdance (which I own and absolutely love), that would amount to approx. $300. I've got an old Galvan reel on mine that works beautifully. That said, a reel is more specific to the species of fish your targeting (more so than the rod). You've got to ask yourself a few questions here: for steelhead, your're gonna need a smooth drag. Your're probably going to have alot of fish on the backing. For trout, unless you're targeting browns, or AK bows, you won't need that sweet a drag. I bet you'll rarely get any bows onto the backing. That said, this business of 1/2 the rod cost for the reel is bs. You can score a sweet airflo reel for approx. $40. It'll work fine for you, despite what the douchebag driving the landcruiser sporting the sage hat says. Remember, flyfishing was developed by desire to catch fish, not desire to impress. Some things (like a streamdance) are worth it. Others (like a Lamson Vanquish) aren't. Don't be another douchebag.
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