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I think they are the right wader for me right now, I do a lot of bushwacking, and just generally am hard on products. I think I will go for them and get some nice Simms some other year.

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Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
I have had my Sonic Pro Zipper waders since they were released. I have put over 100 days fishing in them. So far, no leaks.

My only peeve about them is the breathability. Moisture can build up in them. It won't be so noticable that you will get soaked in your own sweat, but you will notice the moisture when you take the waders off.

I have compared notes with some of my friends in the industry. Its breathability is about on par with most other non-Gore Tex brand membranes.

For its cost, I think the Sonic Pro line up is a lot of value for the money. If you want a better set of waders, get yourself a premium Simms or Patagonia.

How do you find the shoe sizes to be with these waders, I have a size 13 foot and it looks like that puts me in the xxl catagory.

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