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I had pretty good luck with a foam bug thing I tied yesterday. Only caught 2 on it, but I was getting something hitting it almost every cast. I used black a 3/32 foam cylinder, pink sparkle dubbing body, black rubber legs (2 pieces = 4 legs) and black thread on a size 10 or 12 hook. I also caught 1 on a San Juan worm I made.

Story with a theory:

I used to fish with spinning tackle for bluegill using a live worm, hook, and bobber and I just get torn up when I have to cut the hook after the fish swallows it. I'd rather not catch a fish than catch a fish that swallows a hook. When I was out yesterday fly fishing, the first fly I used was the San Juan worm. That fish swallowed the hook, but I did manage to get it out. Neither of the fish I caught using the foam bug swallowed the hook.

So here is the theory: The fish will willingly swallow something that it is familiar with, but will want to chew or taste something it may not have seen before.
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