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Default 32 inch "state record" rinbow...1wt rod

well i hooked and landed a 32 inch bow today with a girth between 22 and 24 inches. she was a monster!!!

of course my camera was still in my suitcase at home after taking a trip this weekend! but i did have a federal judge with me to witness this beauty!

thing is after i measured her i simply revived her and let her go! hour later she was still swimming around in the same hole!
healthy as could be.

come back to work and put the measurement in the states fishing weight estimator and guess what... i was holding the south dakota state record!

cool. bad thing is in our state it must be weighed on a cert. scale and i wasn't about to kill that babe! it was a natural fish, it had all of its fins still attached and fully in tact. no runway marks on her anywhere!

my name may not be in the books but it should have been and i know now what i had!
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