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Default Leader Length ???

Simple enough..I appreciate that bit of info.

On a similar subject that being the overall length. I just read an article that emphasized that the minimum length of the leader should be 1 1/2 times the length of the rod. A 9' rod would take a 13.5' leader? A 10' rod would use a 15' leader?

What about this?

I suppose one way to find out is to try it but I thought I'd ask.

In the past I mostly fished bass in creeks that I can wade and had been spin casing.

I got the calling and started fly fishing last fall and did manage to catch bass on muddlers. (fun to tie). I found also as Jakeway mentioned knotless worked well in weedbeds. I actually just tied on some 6# mono, no tapers, and splashed away and I caught bass.

I went to trout country ( northern NJ and loved it) for part of the fall and early winter and got bit by the trout bug. A lot different and it was mostly a lot of experimenting and the results were minimal. I'm back in Tn now and have access to both.

Does anyone (or everyone but me) use the 1.5 x the rod length to determine the leader length?

Thanks again for the feedback.

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