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Default Trout Pond Problem? Maybe

Hey everyone I have my own Trout pond and I have it stocked with rainbows and with brookies. I originally stocked it three years ago with both types of trout. This year however I have not been seeing many Brookies so I decided to go with just rainbows. I thought that maybe the Brookies are a little bit more sensitive then the rainbows and that just wasn't the best environment for them.

Yesterday I caught a nice size Brookie on a Hairs ear nymph and it is the first one I have seen in about 9 months. When I go the fish to the shore and was taking the hook out i noticed that the gills were larger then the gill plates? almost like its head shrunk but not it's gills, why would this be happening? I have seen maybe one or two rainbows like this as well.

So my question is why is this happening or what can i do to fix it? Thanks for your input!
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