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Default Re: Do you Fly Fish with your Kids / Grand-kids

My boy caught his first fish at 18 months old and has joined me on the river fly fishing since he was 2 and his little sister joined when she was 3 months old.

Click the image to open in full size.

Boy is 2 years old and little girl in pouch is 3 month old.

Click the image to open in full size.

My little girl checking out her first fish at three months old

Last year my boy was only 4, we bought him waders from Oaki wear and he out fished me at times but i had to do the casting most times. Here is a short video of him casting and catching all by himself. This is his first truly unassisted fish on a fly rod. I was lucky to capture on video.

Note: I was too shocked at him truly catching a fish all by himself with no assistance from me. I was videotaping him casting when he hooked one. I wasn't going to miss this and if the fish died we would have ate it. I felt bad for the fish but it did swim away just fine. Since this video we have talked about proper release and handling. He has learned that and I have since bought him a little net to net the fish in the stream. He is doing a decent job at it this year

He is 5 now and we bought him his first fly rod. A 8'6" 5 wt. We have lots of casting practice in the yard. He rushes his casts and they pile up but he can get it out to 30 feet consistently which is all he needs for the streams we fish here. I cant wait till he is out fishing me this year.

Some of the spots are just a bit hard for him to get to . However in a couple weeks the real good fly fishing starts and he will be waiting on the front porch every day when i get home from work to go fly fishing. He did that last year and he keeps asking when.

Also I take him to the fly shop to buy flies to fill his box as rewards for being good, doing his school (we teach at home), etc. It helps me to justify buying more fly fishing stuff by telling the wife it is a reward for him.
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