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Default Re: The Broken Rod Poll; Edited, New Catagory added.

#1 Orvis Superfine Troutbum 7' 6" 3W
I turned around too quickly while I was wading the U-Sac. Slipped and fell face first in the river right on top of my rod and broke the tip section. I was in a 2" deep riffle. I didn't notice in all the excitement that my clip on lighted magnifier came off my hat. I brought the rod in to the local Orvis shop and they paid the shipping to send it for repair, loaned me a rod and paid the return shipping too! Good service.

#2 G.Loomis Xperience 9' 5W
This was a craigslist score - $150 and it still had the tag on it, never been fished.
A 1920s era heavy wooden screen door with a nice strong spring closed on the tip as I was walking through with the rod. I always remove the spring on those doors when I stay there now. I still haven't sent it off for repair, seems like a good deal to do so - when I save the money.
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