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Default Re: what are your priorities when buying a rod?

do you find fly rods generally too expensive?

When I had a high paying job before I retired no but now that I'm retired I buy the best rod I can afford that comes with strong reviews and recommendations from my fly fishing friends.

is location of the manufacturer important to you?

I buy Amercian if it's available for nearly the same price but I will and have bought import rods both Fly rods and spinning rods.

would you try a new brand of rod, and if so, what would compel you to try a new brand?

Yes I have just recently bought a couple Fly Logic Fly rods and a Laccorsse Fly rod. Usually the reasons for buying are price point and recommendations from friends who fly fish.

would you purchase a rod online?

The last 3 I bought were bought online.

what is your number one complaint about fly rods in your experience?

High cost of the big name brands that I used to buy when I had a high paying job.
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