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Default re: The Shout Out Thread!

I am now officially a spin fisherman for the next 1-2 months.

I broke my 4 wt around september, and was too lazy to mail it in. Then thursday i went out to fish, and had my 8 wt in hand and slammed the car door on all 4 of the ferrules. I thought i escaped unscathed, however when i was inspecting them the largest male ferrule broke in my hand.

I just bought new flyline for my 8wt less than a week and a half ago. I got Jim Teeny's "chuck and duck" line, which is a pretty sweet line for the flycaster who likes wide loops. But it is still a 55 dollar investment that i have only used twice, and i am a poor college kid.

So that makes both my fly rods. Both are TFO's, and i forgot to mail in the warrantry card on both of them. However i still have one of the warrrantry cards. If i am lucky i will be able to convince my dad to mail up an extra flyrod to me, and i will be back to flyfishing in no time.

I already went out spinfishing once, since i broke my 8 wt. I was fishing on the lower gallatin, and when i was changing spinners i didnt even think of it, but i set my reel down in sand. So now my reel makes a grinding noise when i reel it in. It is a 50 dollar shimano 5000 series reel that I managed to ruin.

The worst part of the week, was the girl i asked out for valentines, turned me down. All in all, i have had much better weeks.
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