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Default Re: Patagonia Rock Grip Wading Boot-Aluminum Bar

Threadjack approved.

I am thinking about a pair of Simms anyway - the Freestones come in my size, but I need to try on a pair. I have also been looking at grip studs, Simms cleats and searching threads and sites on DIY cleats with machine screws. I'd love to see a link for the "Grip Studs" (and perhaps a link to your review Ard.) If you are going to hijack do it right. Do it with style. Ask yourself,"What would D.B. Cooper do?"

It actually took me a moment to find this on Google: Grip Studs Home Page

This was easier: Ard's Gripstuds/Hard Bite Star Cleat shootout - I look forward to reading it in its entirety.

Any and all info is welcome on this topic - cleats, studded boots, and DIY. I'll whine again, nobody makes my size - so any help on making my own or finding my size would be great.

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