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Default Re: Mayfly Drake Fly Swap

Hey All,

I dont want to step on any toes here as I am the "newbe" but,All of the 3 swaps I am in had at least 2 months to complete.That being said,what gives?I know things come up and I have been a day or so late on other forms but we are pushing 3 weeks.In the interest of closing these out I propose that the flies that are in be split up and sent out.Any that show up after should be put aside for donations or auction.
In the future my I also suggest that all swaps be closed out,and sent 1 week after the deadline.It has been my experience that given a day ,2 weeks will be taken.It spreads like a virus.First one,then several people.It is just the nature of the beast. Trust me.The first couple of time somebody sends in a batch of flies and gets nothing in return they will either be on time,opt out,or not sign up.
Remember,this is suppose to be fun.It takes a tremendous commitment on the part of the swap master,Peregrines,to take the time and juggle all of this.Please take the time to be on time and make it as easy as possible for him.

OK I'm off the box
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