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Re: Pflueger President fly reel

I could not resist to put in my 2 cents worth of a comment,I own 5 of these reels,1 Trion Mod 1990 up to 8 WT, 4 Presidents ,3 of a Mod 2078 up to 8 WT, 1 of a Mod 2012 up to 12 WT, and some spare spools,the only difference between the President and the Trion is the weight the President being the lighter of the two,I bought all of these on sale , the Mod 2012 sells for about 160.00 I payed 125.00 so the prices were good,I had all of these apart and put some Quantum Hot Sauce oil and lube when they were new,these reels and very well made and the tolerance's are very tight, the machining is of very good quality and the finish is excellent ,the drag on all of these reels is more than I will ever need,they are also well balanced ,a few times I have hooked up with some large Bass the ones that strip a lot of line and theses reels are smooth with no vibration,the reels main shaft has two bearings the inner bearings are ball and the outer bearings are roller that is why the spools have very little movement in them,I checked this with a dial indicator all readings were from .001 to .002. All my rods are over reeled,the Mod 2012 is on a 10 WT saltwater Extreme rod and the Mod 2078s are on 4 WT to 7 WT rods, I like more weight in my hand and plenty of backing .

have a good and safe day,

Captain Wayne Valley Fire Services,Valley Springs Calif.
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