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Default Re: C. Farlow Fly Reel - Need some help.

To those who may be interested - I got some information on the above reel I have posted from another antique reel forum. Apparently the frame was cut off to allow for "palming" with the finger. This was done often since back in the early 1900's some of the reels did not have adjustable drags on the click and pawl drag systems. For sure it does decrease the value of the reel. C.Farlow was a manufacturer that competed with Hardy in London. The drag on this particular Farlow is a unique click and pawl system though. Anyway - after giving it some thought I decided to keep it and use it time to time on the stream. It balances quite nicely on my Winston and I'm sure that it has seen it's share of time on the water. At my age I would rather enjoy the sound of the reel singing it's tune to a fish hooked than looking at it on the mantle from time to time. The cut frame does add to the unique character of the reel and I have fell in love with this item.
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