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Default Re: Introducing myself;

Thanks for all the welcomes!

Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
Saloman: Welcome to the forum! Just keep plugging away and try to read as much as you can on the Bow River, I've heard it can be challenging at times, but rewarding at the same time. Looking forward to reading about your fishing adventures.
I've been warned that it's a tough river to learn on, but a piece of good advice I received was to just focus on reading small segments at a time and fish those.

Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
Been quite some time but loved fishing the 'Bow. Are the Elk still wandering around in Banff? Well in the riverside parkway.
Have yet to fish the Bow upstream of Calgary, but I can assure you the wildlife has not left the National Park!

Originally Posted by mikel View Post
If you're swinging and twitching and stripping a muddler on the Bow...don't be too surprised if a VERY LARGE brown trout whacks it and takes off at mach 1 headed downstream. Fish the woodpiles, and good luck.
Thanks! I haven't spent too much time using streamers but runoff/rain season means I'll be using them next! Don't have any muddlers but do have some wolly buggers, clouser minnows, bow river buggers, and balanced leeches that will hopefully do the job in the brown water.
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