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Default Re: what is a good but affordable fly line?

Originally Posted by DreamOfMountainStreams View Post
im new to fly fishing so i have been reading some books. one i have learned the most from is the LL Bean Hand Book To Fly Fishing. it states in one section that when choosing fly line you should always try to use the same brand from backing to tippet (this is to prevent any inconsistencies between manufacturers regarding breaking strength). i have a 6 wt. reel and a 9 ft 6 wt. rod. was wondering if anyone would recommend some brands that i could consider that is good but affordable?

I have a SA sharkskin 6 weight on a reel that I will sell you for $45 (plus shipping). It is not brand new but will still last you years and years. This is the best casting, best floating line out there. It would cost you $100 new.
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