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The reason,IMO,that everybody is into Rio,SA,AF,is all about marketing.I think that Cortland had such a lock on the market years ago that they forgot how to promote.Thinking,Its a Cortland,it will sell.I don't know if you can blame it on one bad line,the lazer.They all have had a few misses.The difference is how it is overcome.I have had a chance to cast a couple of spey lines demos last year and I really like them.I don't claim to be a spey god,just an average caster.Both Scandi full lines.After a couple of emails back and forth,that was it.I was hoping that they would get serious about the spey lines,but have seen nothing.All of the top dogs have a great reputation in the spey game.Look at Rio.The Windcutter was one of the biggest bombs out there.A **** line that sold millions I'm sure.Marketing sold it,"The Windcutter".Today everybody has a Windcutter in their line bag.At the bottom!My point is they moved on with other great products and is on top of the game.
At this point it is a huge uphill climb that I'm not sure they can make.I truly hope that they can.It has been a staple of many a fishermen around the world that would be sorely missed.Customer service has always been great.I have snapped a couple of their rods that I drive down with and get replaced with no question asked. Every time I drive through Cortland I stop at the outlet store and grab a few things.Not that I need them,just because that's what grampa did.

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