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Wink Re: Best starter rod outfit

I went a different way (than "pre-packaged outfits"). Personally, I like building my own stuff, including fly rods. On the web I have procured "rod kits" in a price range from $50 to $250 (the most expensive being SAGE blanks which comprise their retail equivalent in the $750 price range). All these rod kits are replete with all needed hardware, blanks, reel seat, cork handle, eyes, etc. All you need is a good work space, some thread, some epoxy, and a cheapie rod-turning machine.

One piece of advice I can give (having learned the hard way), is that I bought two reels at "closeout, bargain basement prices", and afterwards wished I had done a little research to learn if those models accommodated a spare spool, and if so, were there any spare spools available on the market. Unfortunately, I am stuck with very nice SAGE reels which were priced right (less than $40), but I have no ability to swap spools to gain certain advantage of quick setup changes.

Oh by the way, my first rod kit, including reel and those bare minimum kit building tools, plus an average quality fly line with backing came in just at or near $200. Since then, I have built three additional rods, but obviously the prices have grown along with my ego and desire to strive for better quality along the way.............. The above-mentioned SAGE rod is an 8wt on which I attached a SAGE Carbon Fiber reel with an extra spool so I can fish with a floating line or quickly switch to a sinker........... Oh yes, I have a wife too who would simply have a hissy fit if she knew how far this hobby has dipped into the piggy bank. But, I'm hoping that when that argument does arrive, at least I can mimic her old alibi about how much she saved when she shopped at the mall when all the sales were on.

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