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Default Re: Best starter rod outfit

Thanks for all the info I found a nice deal on a Cabelas 8wt, since I will mostly be targeting LM Bass,pike,and hopefully muskie. I picked up the RLS outfit for $149.99, considering suggested retail for the RLS reel alone is about $130 when you add backing,wf 8wt line, tippet, leader, rod and a nice case it just seemed like a great value. Hopefully I didn't make a terrible decision here.... Thanks for all the input I have learned alot and hopefully a few other new policy to fly fishing will benefit as well from this poll. Btw casting is way harder. Than it looks this is definitely. Going to take time before I put a hook on my line,I would have hooked my neck, back of head, arm pole, hat, just about everything on me yesterday....... Kind of scary!
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