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I just recently became interested in Grass Carp also, purchased a dozen flies from Chris at MissouriFlies, but haven't had a decent weather day to give it a try. I have a 75 acre lake at the end of my block (5 doors away), but if it hasn't been raining, the wind is blowing like mad. I'll give it a try soon and report back here with anything learned. That lake is loaded with Grass Carp that look to be 10 pounds or more. The water is crystal clear so "stealth" will be the primary test. I can see them in 6-8' of water, and only hope to find a way to present a fly without them seeing me.

Also, do a Google search "fly fishing for grass carp" and see all the info you'll discover there (including one other thread in this forum).

Lastly, off topic, and this is likely a very long shot. I spent my final years at IBM with my favorite manager who also retired and went back home to Auburn. He's apparently quite active in the Alumni Association, would be about 70 years old, and his name is Jimmie Warren. Any chance you know of him? If so, tell him Mike Pilgrim says hello when you next see him.

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Perfect, Ill post some pics when I get some tied. My trip today got rained out so tying day!
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