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I am new to Fly Fishing and this Forum. I am 70years old and have fished most of my life with convential fishing tackle. I recently got hooked on fly fishing while on a black bear hunt in Canada.

I have been researching and reading lots of info on flyfishing, casting, flies, rigging the fly line, etc.

I need a lot of practice and really should get some professional instruction and advice on tackle and gear. I've had both my knees totally replaced and have to be careful on where I wade and fish. I have a canoe and like fishing from the canoe but I also like wading.

One of the many questions I have is about the leader and tippet relationship. I rigged the end of my weight forward floating fly line with a commercial 9foot 6X tapered leader. What I am confused about is do I tie on a smaller diameter tippet to the end of my tapered leader?

I would also like to meet some fishing buddies who wouldn't mind having an old cogger tag along. I can fend for myself but it's nice to have some company.

Joe P
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