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Default Re: Beginner at Gros Ventre

Thanks for the report. Iím looking at Google maps, are you talking about that ~1/2 miles stretch just above Kelly? Looks like a long walk, or a 5 min drive from the campground. Looking forward to seeing it myself!

BYW - I just looked at the Wyoming fishing regulations. For non residents, it looks like they have a one day permit for $14- or a full year for $94, nothing in between. Iíll be there 6 full days. The plan was to fish an hour or two each day (morning or evening), and then go sightseeing in between. Looks like Iíll have to plan more precisely which days Iíll fish, and make the most of those days (too bad they donít offer a 7 day permit (for ~$50-).
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