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Default Re: Old Timer New Fly Rodder

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
Hello Joe,

As you can see the forum crew will be happy to help with questions here. I'm so glad to dee that you chose this forum to be part of your learning experience. These people are a sincere and wonderful bunch so ask away and they will help.

Many Thanks for the great response info on my Thread. I live in Perry Hall Maryland, NE section of Baltimore County. I am 4 miles south of the Big Gunpowder River and 6 miles south of the Little Gunpowder River.

I like the suggestion about joining a local club. This will help me in the learning process (have a lot to learn) and help me connect with fellow fly fishermen who may invite me to go fishing with them.

I have hunted and fished most of my life and mainly as a loner just to get away from the masses & daily grind. But now that I am older, I like the idea of mingling with folks who share common interest. But there arn't many oldster hunters & anglers around. Many of the Oldsters guit hunting & fishing due to physical limitations or health problems.

There are a lot of sportsman around but most are several generations my junior. I just can't seem to relate to their modern view of life in general and the new way of talking, dude, bro, hook-up etc. What ever happened to "sir" and "mam," or just calling someone by their name.

My solitude in my younger years has evolved me into a "grumpy Ol' man." I am not really grumpy, I just tell it like it is, not afraid to speak my mind and political correctness be "damned."

Probably said too much, should change my forum name to OLD BIGMOUTH!

Joe P
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