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I'm back again with some equipment questions. A while back I purchased a Fly Rod, Reel, Fly line & an assortment of flies from a chain sporting goods store. I didn't know anything about fly fishing & thought I'd give it a try. But I never did. I was a hard core offshore/inshore saltwater fisherman with my own boat & charter fishing service. After 10 years of Charter Fishing, I had enought & was completely turned off to boat fishing. I sold my boat & began surf, bridge & pier fishing.

But since my Canada Trip where I went fly fishing with my bear guide, I've been bitten hard by the "FLY" & want to try out this gear that's been in storage for 8-9 years. I still had the owners manual for the reels but none for the rod. However I did find a "casting & common casting prolems" showing a fly rod diagram marked
TC-19 but there was no brand name.

I throughly examined the rod for brand name, size or other markings & didn't find anything. The Rod is 2piece 8 foot graphite rod. I google searched TC-19 Fly Rod and came up with South Bend TC-19. Wen I clicked on to this site it showed a South Bend TC-19 reel but no mention or reference to a TC-19 rod.

Maybe someone can help me ID this rod, so I know what size it is and what size fly line to use. An educated guess would even be helpful.

The reels I have are Scientific Angler System 1 Model 456 & Mdel 678. I have the owners manual for the reels with the instructions & line capacity specs.

Both the rod and reels are in like new condition as they were stored in air tight containers in a dry even temerature location.

I don't want to go out and spend a bundle on a fancy new rig if I find that my fly fishing enthusiasm was only a passing fling. I would like to try using this gear but I need to know what size and type of fly line, leader & tippet I should use.

I was going to take it to a Fly Fishing Only Shop but I feel uncomfortable about bring in gear purchased somewhere else & asking the shop keeper to help me rig it up.

At this point I really don't know what to do, any suggestions from the folks on this forum would be greatly appreciated.

My last thread I didn't put in my location. I live in Perry Hall, Maryland, NE Baltimore County not far from the Big & Little Gunpowder River. I looked for a local fiy fishing club and came up with a couple but none in my area. There are a couple fly fishing speciality shops within a 30 minute drive that I will probably visit in the near future.

Joe P

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