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Default Re: Help me identify this fly pattern, please

Wow, response to my plea for identification of this fly (see picture earlier in this thread) was full of great suggestions and really caused me to think back to where I might have gotten it. As luck will have it, I was able to contact Front Range Anglers in Boulder, Colo. where Bill (the guy I have placed several orders through) responded with the following message:
"This is a pattern originated by one of my staff members and picked up by Solitude Fly Co. It’s called the “Bassmaster” as it was marketed for warm water but obviously it will work for a lot of species. It comes in a couple colors and we have them in-stock."

Now I do recall and I wish to comment that I have used it successfully here in south Florida where I can attest to its effectiveness with Largemouth Bass.

Actually, the following cut and paste from the web site for Front Range Anglers helps confirm possibly it is a crustation imitation with equal success in fresh water and salt water, as follows:

"The BassMaster selection was originally developed as a bass specific pattern, but has caught monster Redfish and a host of different warmwater species as well. The advantage of this fly is that it rides hook up to allow anglers to work tight structure and maximize their hookset. This fly is a must have for the serious bass angler."

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