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Default Re: Good Wade Fishing on Deschutes?

So it sounds like lower Deschutes has better wading water? Warm Springs to the mouth? Is there any way someone could help me narrow down over 100 miles of river? I'm looking for good stretchs .25-3 miles in length and if I kind find several of these stretchs of wadable water close to one another like within 20-30 miles that would be perfect perfect perfect. We'll be camping a couple nights and then hopefully we can fish right where we're camped or drive just a few minutes to get to some spots.

Interesting about the river not permitting fishing from the boat. I did notice in my other findings, photos, and videos that anglers were posed with fish right next to their beached boats. Makes sense now!

Thanks for all the great info. I think I may look into those BLM maps.


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By the way, we will not be using any watercraft whatsoever to navigate the river and we'll be targeting trout.

So excited, I live in Colorado and get out to Portland once a year and fish there only half the visits I take. So what I'm saying is don't be afraid to share the honey holes. I release all the fish I catch and I'm only fishing Oregon once every couple years! Thanks.

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