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Default Re: why cant i cast far!!!!

Originally Posted by raindogt View Post
It is a default response.. but It will be hard to diagnose on a forum.

The one thing I want to say is that (unless you have cash burning a hole) you don't need a new line. I'd try cleaning (and possibly coating) the one you have before laying down the cash for a new one after just a year.... All of this is presuming that you have a quality line to begin with. A dirty line will not shoot as nice as a clean line-- but I've never seen a dirty line not shoot at all....

Also-- about that 60 foot cast.... That's an awfully hard hook set with a fly rod and fly line. There are plenty of fish within the 30 foot cast that you can make.
i wil ltry cleaning the line.. but like i said it dosnt even wanna cast 30 feet.. idk maybe its jsut me.. but there are times on a river where i want to cast above a hole and let it carrie down into the hole but i cant cast far enough to get past it.. its just frustrating! i guess practice practice practice haha..
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