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Default Re: What tools do I really need to start tying flies?

Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
Feel free to ask questions if you still have them. Sometimes things that make sense to folks who know how to tie might not make sense to folks just getting into it.
In your opinion what would be a good vise for a beginner, and rotary or fixed?
I only have a 8wt rod at this point so I'll be tying flies for bass and pike mostly. for the vise Id like to keep it under $200 but the cheaper the better as long as it will last a few years.

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Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
I have this vise. Not the greatest but has worked just fine for me. I also bought the base for it so I didn't have to hook it onto the edge of a table. Looking to upgrade to a good rotary vise but not ready to spend the money yet, perhaps for Christmas. What kind of budget are you looking at for your vise? That will help folks with recommendations.

Buy good scissors. I have Dr. Slick and like them. I have a fine point pair, a general purpose, and then one for cutting hair. Don't need all three, but I've found it helpful. A ceramic bobbin is good too, very annoying to have thread cut by the bobbin tube.
wow that's a lot nicer than the one for the same price at cabelas, and has better reviews. Thank you for sharing the link i was expecting to pay around $150-$200 for something that i could rotate.

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JS Fly Fishing: Rod Building, Fly Tying: Just Simply Tools Rotating Spring Action Vise Any thoughts on this vise? It looks like the Regal, but $100 cheaper.
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