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Default I was catching smallies... so I thought?

So if any of your remember I came on here about a month ago looking for smallmouth flies. I had never fished this pond but had multiple reports of smallies being everywhere in it. Well this is partly true, the ratio of blue gill to bass is tons:few.

Anyways, Im looking for help ID'ing the fish im catching. I got wondering my first trip out if the fish I was catching were largemouths because the first one I caught had a HUGE mouth, I didnt see it closed but open it was huge for being a 5-6" fish.

I went home and asked a few buddies and they all said nope they are smallies. I thought nothing about it but then today I started noticing that they have large black stripes going horizontally from gill to tail. Classic largemouth coloring right?

These fish are pretty spooky, they arent as quick to take the fly as the blue gills but they like to hang out down around the bottom, I have yet to get one too come up to the surface for a fly other than a couple of very small "young and dumb" ones. When the smaller ones are hooked like rockets they will fly out of the water a 2-4 times then as they get tired they just try to stay down low. I hooked into a BIG one the other day but used to catching the gills and trout I forgot to set the hook, I only got a quick flash of silver as it dived to the bottom and shook its head somehow slipping my hook, all it wanted to do was dive it did not exit the water.

Ill go out tomorrow or the day after and snap a photo but just from my description can anyone help me?
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