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Talking Re: Little Red River fishing reports

I went up to Heber Springs yesterday just to check out the river and I did fish for about two hours. I didn't start fishing until 11 AM and the first thing I noticed was how low the water was below the damn and how little current was in the river. They blew the siren about 12 noon and I thought the current would pick up and the fishing would start to improve but neither happened. I had not fly fished in a stream for over 10 years so I was rusty and I didn't have high expectations and by the end my casting had improved and that alone made the day worthwhile. I didn't catch any fish and only saw one fish caught while I was there. Being the 4th of July the place was packed and at times there were fisherman every 15 yards down the stream.

Even though I got skunked I will be back their fishing it in the very early morning next week and hopefully this is after the crowd thins out. I'm also hoping for some rain in the region so they can start releasing more water and for the stream to get deeper.

Water was gin clear and I sight casted at many small trout and had a few take a look but nothing got hit. I was amazed at how comfortable I was even with the temp being in the high 90's as the water in the stream was quite cold.
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