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Default Re: I was catching smallies... so I thought?

From your description they are surely largemouth. Largemouth are very adaptable fish and can thrive in cool, rocky ponds and small lakes. Smallmouth typically do NOT do well in smaller lakes, they seem to need bigger lakes with lots of rocky, windswept shorelines. Largemouth are found in many places in Idaho. Spotted bass are actually a more southern fish, and as far as I know they are not found and cannot live in Idaho.

The black horizontal stripe on the side says they are largemouth, no question. There's really no way you can get smallmouth and largemouth confused if you look at a few pictures of both. Smallmouth never have a horizontal stripe down their sides.

With fish the size you are catching, you can't go by the mouth thing. Up until a largemouth gets to about 8 inches or so, its eyes are so big proportionally that the back edge of the upper jaw does not extend much, if at all, behind the eye.

By the way, you can't go by the tooth patch on the tongue in telling spotted bass and largemouth apart. Spotted bass always have a tooth patch, but a fair percentage of largemouth have a tooth patch, as well.
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