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Default Re: Hello to all and Peacock Bass Poppers.

Originally Posted by rmooney View Post
did you paint them yourself?
I painted them with the help of my wife. She paints even better then I do, so, sometimes she fixes some mistakes I Btw, the popper is all hand-made - I think I forgot to tell that - unfortunately, we still have to buy lot of stuff from USA, what makes tying for us a lot more expensive (like Krystal Flash, feathers, super hair...).

Originally Posted by rmooney View Post
i WISH i could catch a couple peacock bass, theyre such a unique fish
Yes they are! I goota agree with u. But despite the fact that Peacock Bass r so comon around the place I live (and I do not live near the amazon river), I miss the "traditional" flyfishing I read many times in books and in fishing forum - like the salmon flyfishing. At least it sounds perfect. I hope I have the chance to try it someday.
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