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Default Re: Does anyone use the "Zephr EZ Rotary Vise"

Originally Posted by pa dave View Post
I bought one this past winter and so far I really like it. It is not a high end vise, but for the money it is very good. I had been working with the basic AA type vise for a number of years, and the EZ is a big improvement. The grip on the hook is good and my wife enjoys that I don't mutter cuss words because the hook slipped.

My biggest complaint is that it came with no instructions, and being new to that type of jaws, I was unsure about how to set them correctly. I solved that by searching online for instruction manuals and Youtube videos for the higher end vises with the same type of jaws. The concept is the same.

Bottom line, I'd say go for it if you're on a budget.
Thank you I was hoping to hear something positive aside from price. This will most likely be the vise i start with.

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Originally Posted by siskiyoublues View Post
I want to start tying but I've been super duper broke. Too broke to afford to spend more then a hundred dollars on a vise that's for sure. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.
I'm in the same boat, and when flies are $3-$10 per fly and only last a couple uses. I think I'm down to 5 flies after 2 falling apart today.

Stimmy7 and Darwin we're both kind enough to share this vise review link with me. Fly Tying Vises In-Depth Review by Fly Fish Ohio!

The Ez rotary was the best in the up to
$50 range
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