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Default Re: New production run of Sage XP's!!!

Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
The move pissed off a lot of small shops because now folks will go buy the cheaper XP's at Cabelas instead of buying Z-Axis through the independent shops. So Sage will be helping their bottom line with the move for now, but if it damages their standing with the small shops in the long run, it could be better news for Scott, Winston, and T&T.

And the LL is the rod they need to bring back. They could just offer the 389 and 490 and make LOTS of folks happy.

Funny, since Fenwick used to be the 800 pound gorilla, and now most people say "what is a fenwick????". How did Fenwick lose their dominance? Ignoring the dealers and selling to big box. Where did Sage originate from? Fenwick!!

But this move is a really insignificant one, plus T&T has one foot in the grave and Winston is only doing marginally better. Watch T&T and Abel to not be around in a year or two. I put %50 %50 odds on it.
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