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Red face My rod tried to use ME as the bate!!

So I supose I'm a lucky guy. I went fishing Saturday morning and didn't catch anything, but 5 hours dissappeared that I couldn't account for so i'm betting it was a good time. Saturday evening my wife asked me "Are you going fishing in the morning?". My response was a tad less than intelligent..."uuuuuuh, you'd let me? I'd, um...". She had a brunch planned so she WANTED me to go. How cool is that?

Anyway, I'm a newbie so I stopped by the local fly shop. I am currently learning how to tie my own flies, but as I told the guys at the shop, I wanted to get some flies so I could keep fishing in the mean time. They have starter boxes there but were out of the boxes for Small mouth. I asked him to pick out some flies that would help me get some fish on the line.

I have the feeling that the ones chosen are a little heavy for my set-up. I currently have a 8'6" medium 5wt loaded with WFF. It is one of the combo's from Bass-Pro, White River I believe. They had also picked out a bass leader, so I tied on a 8lb tapered leader and some 3X tippet. The first one didn't cast too bad, but the other 2 flies and the streamer were a nightmare. As I would build the cast the leader looked like a windmill blade with the line-leader connection as the axle.

The second fly I put on was kindove a cone head wolly looking fella. Once I got the line out to about 15 yards or so it smacked me in the face on the back cast and hooked my glasses (thank god). The minnow on 2 casts hooked both my hat and glasses strap on the forward cast, so it didn't stay on my line for long. That cone head took a lot of effort to get it to track with the line, but I was able to trick a 7-8" smallie to take it even though it was hitting the water like a bridge collapse. I also caught a 17" Channel Catwith the first fly, so the day was still enjoyable. I just had to keep an eye out for rogue streamers!

So after my long winded story, my question is: should I work on putting extra energy into the cast, or tie smaller versions of the flies given. I haven't had any of these troubles with flies in the 12-16 range on my 5wt. I don't know the size of flies they gave me (the hooks had perhaps a 3/16-1/4" gap), but they said with thicker leader and tippet that my rod could handle them (I'm in doubt). I'm also keeping my eyes open for some heavier gear, 7-8wt range. For the moment my preference is to change enough to get this working on the 5wt. I married an accountant after all, my allowance is only so big.
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