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Default Re: stealhead questions

I both swing flies and Nymph. I own a 12'6" Spey which is great for the American River, Trinity River and Coastal Rivers. However when you are on the coastal rivers a 7 wt would be great to handle heavier sinking tips (13" of T-14 with a large intruder/tube on the end); I also use a 7wt to indicator nymph.

I would suggest that a 5wt switch rod would be great especially if you are going to wade the Upper Klamath (I thought that my 6wt Spey was too large for the size of fish).

It is definitely an addiction and I am already thinking of the Fall and Winter .........

Hartwick patterns : Silent Assassin; Duck Turd; Paris Hilton; Silver Hilton; Hosier Tube; Green Butt Skunk; Polar Shrimp; Green Butt Hilton; Black Egg Sucking Leeches;

check out speypages forum

Best Advise.... get out a lot and do not get too worried about the fly if you find them they will hammer the **** out of it ....
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