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Default Beginner question about leaders/tippets

Hello, I'm new to fly fishing and am confused about several things, but at present I'm looking at what size leader to use based upon fly size. I have a 6 weight, 8' rod and know most of the knots I need to use. I tore the old backing and fly line off and bought new, good quality stuff and spooled it myself. I used the arbor knot, good backing, albright knot to fly line (took a few tries), and I nail knotted a mono loop to the other end of the fly line, which is a 6 weight, weight-forward, floating line. I will be fishing mostly for bluegill, yellow perch, bass, sunfish, etc. From what I gather, flies around #10 are good for multiple species? Here's my confusion:

Leaders like "4x" are listed for use on fly sizes 12-16 on one website, but then 6-12 on another. What is the deal with this? That seems like quite a big difference, but maybe it doesn't matter that much? A friend of mine ties his own leaders using 20 pound >> 12 pound >> 8 pound test monofilament. He mostly fishes for striped bass and LMB, and likes this weight of leader for his flies, which I think are around #2-6.

Can I tie a leader myself with lengths of mono like this for #10-12 flies? What would you do? The premade leaders like "2X" say "9.5" lb test on the package, so is that like having a 10lb piece of mono for the tippet? Sorry, I'm all over the place -- I know.

Thanks for your help!
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