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Default Salmon River, NY Chinook

I want to fish the Salmon River in upstate NY however I am more interested in Chinook/King Salmon than steelhead. This is new for me. As I understand it the steelhead will eat the entire length of the river but the salmon are there to spawn and don't really eat. It seems most folks are more interested in the steelhead but to start I'd like to try to catch a salmon as they seem much larger. So....questions..
1. Is it more productive to fish for salmon near the mouth of the river? How far upstream can Chinook still be caught before they won't strike?
2. There is a Douglaston area you have to pay to use- worthwhile for Salmon?
3. It looks like there are A LOT of folks right in downtown Pulaski. Is this all private water? Is it worthwhile to fish?
4. On the public water above/upstream from Pulaski, there are some angler parking lots- can salmon still be caught in these areas?
5. Steelhead flies are usually imitations of salmon eggs. On Chinook- what works? Smelt patterns? Egg flies?
6. I've done some research on the net- it looks like a 40-50 foot cast is okay in most instances. true? Can you see the fish you are casting to and would polaroids help or do you blind cast?
7. Are salmon more difficult to catch than steelhead?
8. Time of year. I'm open on this. I read the end of August the Chinook start. If I can combine the trip will looking at leaves- so much the better. I'm thinking the 2nd or 3rd week in September but being there at the best time for Chinook is the critical thing- what is the best time?
Thanks- I need help
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