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Default Do any women (beside me) camp and fly-fish alone?

My family was kinda' big, so our vacations weren't to Disney Land, or other such places. We usually went camping and fishing for extended periods.

And now, being *mumble-mumble* years old, my vacations are still that... camping and fly-fishing at some of the most beautiful places in Colorado. (I could camp and fish Colorado for the rest of my life, and never get to all of the wonderful fly-fishing destinations!)

I sometimes go with groups of friends, but I most often go alone, because my friends have families, can't get off work, and such. This doesn't bother me, and in fact, I kinda' like the solitude. My Sheltie, Bonnie, always goes with me, and have camped once with my cat. (Won't do THAT again! hahah) But I won't just sit at home at this point in my life... if no one can go with me, I'm happy to go alone, and sometimes, once I get there, am glad I did!

So... just curious... do any other of you ladies go by yourselves? Just curious.
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