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Default Re: Women's Fly Fishing Gear

The manufacturers of most women's waders think a woman 5' 7" should have a shoe size of 5 or something. hahah Try fitting into a pair of Simm's women's waders if you're tall like me and don't wear a size 5 shoe!

The waders I bought about four years ago are from Orvis. They get a LOT of use (probably go 100+ times a year or more), and are still in great shape! They fit great, the stocking-foot part fits well, and they're well made. I do expect to get another couple of year's use out of them. And trust me, I'm WAY hard on waders!

In the summer and fall, I generally wet-wade, just with some neoprene socks and my wading boots. Even in the higher elevations the water isn't too cold to be uncomfortable, except maybe in the early mornings. Maybe this is one reason the waders have held up so well.
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