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Default Re: My rod tried to use ME as the bate!!

Originally Posted by montanawildoutdoors View Post
I would say just more practice. The big flies may be a little too much for your 5wt. Do you have much experience throwing big streamers?
No, no experience yet. This weekend was my first experience with the streamer bob-n-weave. I've ordered some streamer hooks in sizes 8 - 12 to tie up for some experimentation. I guess we'll see how that goes. I'm liking the idea of larger bass, so I think I'll keep my eyes open for one of those Scientific Angler combo's in 7/8wt.

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Originally Posted by jaybo41 View Post
The understated and less obvious value of the eye protection of your sunglasses is priceless.

Your suggestions I think are right on. Try some some smaller or lighter flies and work on your casting. Once you get that down a little better, try some of the heavier flies. Those heavy weighted fly might take some tweaking of your cast. I have found this to be true after casting a fly rod for years. Granted I am not the greatest caster but far from horrible. Chi flyfisher may tell you otherwise Congrats on landing a few!
One of the few advantages to wearing glasses. I always have eye protection. Plus I work in a factory, so my glasses have to conform to ANSI safety standards. Your right though, I'm still in that phase of trying something new each time. I'm still hoping each cast will be that lightning bolt cast where everything clicks, and I cast perfect forever more. Well... Maybe not.
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