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Default Re: Salmon River, NY Chinook

Been years since I fished the SR, but here is what I do remember.
Douglaston gets the first run of "fresh" sammies coz it is one of the closest places to the lake.
Check laws on leader lengths, especially if you're throwing flies with shot or slinky set ups.
On your hooks, there was a maximum gap of 1/2 inch allowed.
My best flies were Estaz egg patterns ranging from light to dark colors(some even mixed) on size 2 and 4 hooks.
Rod size IMO, nothing lighter than a 9 weight. Many times I used tippet in the 15 lb, range.
Release any snagged sammies as their are undercover wardens watching the rivers. (especially Douglaston)
Unless their laws have changed, Douglaston require studded sole boots.
Wading staff is a good idea. Use caution if you're river crossing.
Mid Sept. to Columbus day were the optimum times for me. However, alot has to do with the cfs and rain also.
Finally, have fun. Remember SR is a river of little forgiveness. Quite a few have died so remain cautious of the flows
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