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Originally Posted by goblue View Post
Anybody ever use tiny live or pieces of live baits when fly fishing?
When fishing Cedar Cr., a small tributary to the North Fork of the Shenandoah, in Middletown, VA, I found monster smallmouth feeding exclusively on these huge 1" wide X 6" hellgrammites. I didn't have any flies that would interest them, so I netted a few hellgrammites and added them to a black wooly bugger. I caught 5 smallmouth that were over 3 lbs and one was an easy 4+. It was worth it... There, I admitted it and the healing can now begin.

I stopped by Harry Murray's shop in Edinburg, VA and told him about not having a fly and he introduced me to his lead eye patterns: Strymph and Swimming Hellgrammite. In the right conditions, that is moderately swift water, cobblestone river bottom and the presence of hellgrammites and these patterns will outfish anything.