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I agree with what WT said. If the wind is strong enough to affect your anchor(fly) pacement then, for safety's sake, you should always choose the cast that will place your anchor down wind from you. Depending on wind, current and obstructions behind you, you should have the ability to choose a cast that will anchor the fly either up or down stream from you, and off of either shoulder. In my opinion, if you can perform a snap-t and a double spey off of either shoulder then you should be covered for most wind/current situations. For what it's worth, when I cast "cackhanded"(right hand up, casting off my left shoulder) I find that to be my strongest cast. Others would suggest switching hands(left hand up when casting off left shoulder, etc) but I'm just too "right-handed" to be comfortable doing that. Whatever works best for you is the best way! Tight lines.
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