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Originally Posted by texastroutbum View Post
Thank you so much guys.
I do not know why, but steelhead fishing with a two hand rod is so appealing to me. But before I get to go the northwest, I should practice in the Red river for strippers I guess, where the water color is bit different and warm. Yikes.
This two handed rod thing has become almost an addiction to me! I've come to find that I enjoy swinging flies for almost anything that I fish for(mostly smallmouth, trout and, of course, steelies). All I need is some moving water and there is no other way I'd rather fish. I think fishing for stripers would be an excellent way to break yourself in to the sport(strippers on the other hand, I'm not so sure...). Enjoy the journey!

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Originally Posted by wt bash View Post
Its weird but me too, I think its cause when I cast off my right shoulder its more comfortable and I tend to get lazy but when its off the left I have to focus more on the correct form and the cast ends up a bit smoother. I watched a friend do the same and his lift was higher, tighter D-loop, and higher or shorter stop on the foreward casting stroke. Its easy to overcomplicate these kinds of casts with all the spey jargon but like Paflyboy said the best cast is the cast that works for you.
WT, I think it's because when we cast from our "off" shoulder we are mechanically forced into a very compact motion. At least, that's how it was explained to me. All I know is it works! I expect I'll run into you on the tribs one of these days. Until then, Tight lines!

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