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Default upgrading my 4wt reel, Lamson Konic or Cortland Retro?

Hi all,

I've been fishing for years with a Cabelas Prestige and Ross flystart on my 4wt, 8'6" St. Croix Imperial and 9' St. Croix Avid. I do a lot of backpacking, so I want something durable and nothing fancy enough to ruin my day if I scratch it. My budget is around $130. I've been looking at the Lamson Konic and Cortland Retro. They are two totally different beasts, but they both have some sense of appeal.

The Cortland is machined and harkens back to a time when reels were simple. And the Konic is more of a modern design with a sealed drag. It sounds like I can't go wrong with either, but would you prefer one over the other if you had to count on it for a whole week with no civilization in sight? I'll bring the Flystart as a backup, but would hate to have to fall back on it.

Is there a sweet reel in that price point I am overlooking? I looked at the Reddington Drift. It looks nice, but when it comes to a click pawl, I like the looks of the Cortland.
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